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A proud workaholic, John Philbin has always known how important it is to love what you do. As the founder of Spectacular at Work, he helps companies compete + win and helps them create cultures where their people thrive.

John advises CEOs and develops future business leaders around the world. John and his team coach leaders and up-and-comers, help companies determine who to hire to make their company stronger, and architect leading people processes to make sure companies have a steady flow of future leaders- the right leaders for their culture.

John works with some of the most respected companies in the world and with companies who aspire to be great. Really any company that wants to be better at the people stuff, no matter the size or industry. (If you need to know, companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, pwc, Aon, Reebok, McDonalds…)

John is regularly invited to speak on People Literacy®, building better leaders and corporate culture (What’s Really Going On at Work?™), creating a competitive advantage through people and culture (“The Four Stages of Talent Management”), and strategic talent management + succession planning. John completed his Ph.D. in Psychology at Loyola University and is an adjunct faculty member at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. To read more about the boring stuff, check out John’s LinkedIn page.

When he puts his phone down, John stays busy away from work with his spouse and four daughters, traveling and hiking, especially in Montana. A long-time runner and fitness type, John was a championship race walker (actually, he came in second place), and he afflicts his determination to learn the piano on his family, daily. Check out John’s thoughts on some of his favorite workplace topics.


“having never worked with a coach before, I had no idea what to expect when we got started. Now I wish I had started working together years ago! It was an incredibly valuable, motivating, and clarifying process. And it was a process that felt unique to me and what i was hoping to accomplish in my career and life, as opposed to feeling like you were being pushed through someone’s coaching assembly line. it is something that i now recommend to many of my colleagues and our younger associates.


Jodi Wellman


Jodi Wellman is a founder of Spectacular at Work. When she isn’t captaining our ship, she’s coaching, writing, and creating Spectacular at Work leadership development experiences to captain your company’s  ship towards success and world domination.

With 17 years of corporate leadership experience and as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and ICF Professional Certified Coach, Jodi takes her coaching with CEOs, senior executives, and emerging leaders seriously.

She’s driven to help leaders achieve that elusive balance between success and fulfillment– both professionally and personally. She also comes alive when developing and facilitating team off-sites and customized programs for companies interested in wellbeing at work, spectacular employee engagement, and cultures where people actually want to work.

Prior to consulting, Jodi was the Senior VP of Operations for a leading health + lifestyle organization. As an operations, sales, and customer retention executive she successfully led strategic initiatives focused on growth, new business development, organizational change and restructuring, and she held P&L accountability of over $135 million. She also led a private CEO advisory board as a chair at Vistage International, coaching executives to like their lives while improving leadership performance, execution, and bottom-line results. All of this has given her fantastic insight and experience in a variety of industries. (If you need to know,  professional services, financial services, marketing + branding, real estate, retail, food + beverage, nonprofit… to name a few.)

When she’s not coaching and consulting, she’s baking ridiculous amounts of desserts and pawning them off on others. Check out her LinkedIn profile here if you’re into the whole CV thing, and read Jodi’s perspective on her favorite topics if you’re looking for a great procrastination tool. Jodi is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.



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Spectacular at Work is born of more than 25 years experience in management consulting, executive coaching, leadership development, and psychology. John Philbin joined Jodi Wellman’s CEO board, and as his coach, Jodi inspired him to leave the cushy and safe management consulting firm he founded for the excitement, intense hours, and sweat-inducing life of a start-up grounded in a belief in people and the desire to make the world of work a better place.

Everyone at Spectacular at Work believes it’s time to get back to basics. Too many companies try to run their business without planning for the human element. We know that when you require your leaders to be good managers, and you plan people leadership the way you do any other important part of your business, you’re not just doing a nice thing for your employees, you’re doing the smart thing for your business.

Tap into our experience to make your company an even more spectacular place to work.



Enough about us. More about you! We know that finding the right people to get involved with your company is a choice you don’t take lightly. Setting up a call to walk through your needs and the scope of your goals is the best way for us to get started. Also, we’re pretty friendly (and sometimes funny).

Our company recently merged with a national competitor, and Spectacular at Work mapped out a strategy to bridge the inevitable cultural gaps. We’re ahead of our metrics across all units. Our team is cohesive due in large part to this consultative process.
— SVP HR (financial services organization)


“Our annual senior leadership team meeting received rave reviews this year. The expert facilitation by Spectacular at Work took our strategic planning up several notches (and the brownies didn’t hurt either!). We actually enjoyed ourselves while setting the stage for an important three-year plan.” — Cliff, CEO (retail organization)


“I have been working with Jodi for six months, and my company has chosen to extend our engagement because of the impact our coaching has had on me. I am achieving more at work that I have in years and am finding a balance in my work and home life in a way that I didn’t know was possible.” — Margaret, VP Operations (retail)


“John and his team have been valued colleagues since I became CEO. They have helped strengthen my executive team and improved our leadership skills.” — Mark Baumann, CEO, SP+ (Standard Parking)

“The Spectacular at Work team worked with two of our divisions to coach our emerging leaders and provide structure for a company-wide 360º review effort. We will be expanding our coaching and assessment programs as a result of our experience with them.” — VP HR (marketing organization)

HCSC Blue Cross Blue Shield

“When my company needed an in-depth, strategically aligned leadership program to help us shift our culture to better serve our customers, John and his team delivered a program to hundreds of leaders at our company. The program included our senior executives, 360° feedback, activity based learning and outside industry experts. The two and a half day sessions were fun and engaging and still have an impact on our culture today.” — Lora Cheatum, CHRO, Kansas City Southern Railroad

fidelity investments

“Spectacular at Work fits us like a glove. Funny, smart, and so authentic - this group understands their clients! Their philosophy is refreshing and inspiring to our team (and we have heard of lot of philosophies!). They are like-minded professionals who I can trust implicitly, making it effortless for me to provide steady growth and stimulation to key team members.” — Beck Bates, CEO, BatesMeron


“Phenomenal Presenter, practical, concrete advice. I would Highly recommended this all day workshop.” and “Jodi was well spoken and provided practical leadership principles – excellent!!!!” — U.S. Small Business Administration workshop participant attendees

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“After completing an assessment at the start of my coaching relationship, Jodi has been helping me work on being more assertive in a male-dominated workplace. I have become far more confident and am receiving positive feedback from my colleagues and direct reports.” — Anya, Senior HR Director (advertising)

“Working with Jodi has been transformative and life-changing. I was at a crossroads in my leadership career at a world-class financial services company. Jodi helped me self-discover my true passions and goals and worked with me on developing a blueprint to focus only on what was essential to achieve these goals. My leadership contribution to my organization is now more focused and more impactful which provides me with an even greater sense of fulfillment. Jodi is one of the most insightful, strategic, invested and caring coaches I have ever worked with. Her wit and humor are an added bonus!” — Monica, VP, Financial Consultant at Fidelity Investments

“John and his team have been among our company’s most trusted partners. They help us with many of our most sensitive people issues, from hiring executives, executive coaching, succession planning, leadership training, and merger integration. We value their input and partnership.” — Terry Bassham, CEO, Evergy


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