Leadership coaching

Leading isn’t always easy, but wow, does it make a difference. We partner with leaders to amplify their impact. We help leaders become great at what they do, which makes their companies the place where great people are inspired to do great things.


Executive coaching

Selection and executive assessments with reports

executive assessments

Identifying the best possible talent is a difference-maker for organizations that want to build truly spectacular and successful cultures. We assess leaders for selection, digging deep to provide valuable information that helps organizations hire and promote the right people for their mission. Assessments are also a powerful tool to help leaders see themselves—their strengths and motivations in a new light—providing new avenues to growth.


keynotes + workshops

John Philbin delivers keynotes that help leaders grasp What’s Really Going on at Work™, provides Simple Leadership for Complex Times, and helps companies revolutionize their people planning processes  by understanding The Four Stages of Talent Management. Each of these keynotes and accompanying workshops are based on a deep understanding of the humans behavior in the workplace, and lessons gleaned from  work with high potentials, leadership teams and more than 50 CEOs from some of the world’s leading and most respected companies.  



The best companies are great because of their people and culture. We help our clients build people planning processes that ensure a steady and predictable flow of future leaders who are right for their company. Excellence in talent management is not the providence of Silicon Valley giants–it’s available to any company with the will to build the disciplines necessary to make their people the reason they win. This includes talent management, succession planning, training + development, and employment experience and brand.


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Leadership isn’t just something that comes along with a big job; it’s a discipline that requires a plan, skills, and personal insight–just like any other business discipline. We help leaders harness what is best about them, and create the structure to make sure they build the plan and leadership skills to deliver on their strategy, so they’re great at the most important part of their job.


executive coaching

Helping leaders shift from being mere managers of people and results, to being inspiring leaders of engaged teams with vision and purpose is at the heart of our purpose. Being a great leader requires a sense of self-awareness and an in-depth understanding of what others needs to be successful–all without losing sight of the business.

We know how valuable it can be to have a trusted resource to look at yourself realistically, to work through the big decisions, and to build stronger plans, habits, and skills. We help leaders identify what matters, go after what matters, and have the conversations that matter. We help leaders develop the People Literacy® skills they need to win.



  • “I am wildly ambitious but know from 360º feedback that I have areas to work on. How can I show I’m making a difference in those areas?”

  • “How can I build better relationships?  I’m qualified for the next level and yet haven’t developed the influence necessary to show what I am really capable of.”

  • “I’ve built my career as a valuable individual contributor. How do I spread and multiply this success by leading the team of people that now report to me? I can’t keep doing it all myself.”

  • “I’m driven, assertive, and care a lot about getting stuff done but I’m told I rub people the wrong way. How can I work on my interpersonal skills/ emotional intelligence to stay on track for advancement?”

  • “How do I create a succession plan for my team? How can I grow the skills of those on my team?”

  • “I want to raise the bar for myself and my team. How do we up our game?”


Preparing for the top job requires a thoughtful, deliberate approach–just as running a successful company requires a well-crafted strategy. We’ve been coaching CEOs and potential CEO successors for 20+ years, becoming the trusted advisors of the highest-caliber talent within organizations ranging from start-ups to some of the most well-known and respected companies in the world. 



  • “How can I position myself as the capable successor in front of our board?”

  • “I think I have a blind spot that is preventing me from reaching the top job.  How can I learn what it is and how to address it?”

  • “I’m a strong leader who gets the most challenging and important things done. I am just not blessed with the DNA to be visionary and strategic.  How do I get ready for that top job and help others see I am ready?”

  • “How do I build the right relationships and put in place the people processes so that my leadership team is strong when I move into the corner office?”

  • “What’s the best way to build my internal network for this key leadership opportunity?”

  • “Am I cut out to be the CEO?”


It’s no secret that an organization can never be what’s its people are not, so we come alive preparing the best and brightest to make that big difference that they are capable of. Developing new leaders and up-and-coming stars creates the ultimate win-win scenario: they learn, grow, and transform—which cascades to the rest of their team—and an implicit message is sent across the company personal development is an important part of the organization’s culture. That equals spectacular results.



  • “I’m new at being a manager and I want to do this right. I want to be a leader, not a manager.”

  • “How do I navigate the political environment I’m working in to best position myself for results and advancement?”

  • “How do I get results with people and teams that don’t report directly to me?”

  • “I want to grow in this organization. How do I best manage my career?”

  • “How do I deliver a performance appraisal/ host a great meeting/ interview people for a key position/ performance manage an under-performer on my team?”

Executive coaching conversation


Our approach is grounded in a unique understanding of people. How they work, why they sometimes don't, and what to do about it (also known as People Literacy®). Our coaches and advisors have impressive depth of leadership experience across a wide range of industries. Just as important, they are spectacular and inspired people our clients look forward to spending time with. They get it. We use proprietary tools that are tried, tested, and true and are completely customizable for each client's need.

Jodi worked with two of our divisions to coach our emerging leaders and provide structure for a company-wide 360° review effort. We will be expanding our coaching assessment programs as a result of our experience with Spectacular at Work.
— Marcie, VP HR (marketing organization)


Could leadership coaching benefit you or your company?



People are the most important raw material of your company. So, making sure that you get the best people who are right for your mission, culture, and operating model isn’t the most important goal for HR, it should be your most important business goal. Are you confident that you consistently win in the war for talent? We bring specialized assessment skills and executive experience to determine who’s right for your company and the best ways to ensure you are hiring your company’s future leaders.

Identifying the right people for leadership roles has a profound impact on an organization’s culture and results. Companies simply can’t afford to get key hiring decisions wrong, yet it’s one of the most challenging things executives do–selecting the right person to hire or the right person to promote.

We provide an objective perspective on external candidates for selection, promotion, and development. We help build hiring and selection processes that ensure the right person gets hired and that a flow of qualified candidates are in place for your most important roles.

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Talent management meeting

Having a clear perspective on the people you need to build a winning culture gives you a competitive advantage. knowing how to prepare these great people for your mission takes your organization to a whole new level.

At great companies, the talent planning process is a tool designed to help the company compete and win, not an exercise meant to satisfy some corporate requirement. But at so many companies the process is an administrative, check-the-box task rather than a process everyone believes in.

A well-designed leadership planning process helps ensure the company has a steady flow of future leaders, the kind of talent pipeline that those great companies always seem to have. At Spectacular at Work, we see “people processes” as a way to energize a company. They are opportunities to plan spectacular career pathways for the incredible people you’ve worked hard to recruit, select, and retain. We’re here to bring you over from the dark side, to a place where the talent planning process feels important and enjoyable, not avoidable.


To build the distinctive talent planning process that will move your people strategy ahead you need:

  • Your point of view on how your team can differentiate you from your competition,

  • Your unique employment brand,

  • The plan for how to get the right people into your company,

  • A clear picture of your talent,

  • Processes and expectations for how to manage, develop, and promote your people.

You can bet that we have specialized tools to help with each of these strategy musts.


I. talent review + leadership assessment

Building a great, high performing culture means doing a regular check-up on the performance and potential of your leadership ranks that is independent of your regular performance management cycle, and assessing the risk to your company associated with losing critical people.

We evaluate whether you have the right people in the right roles, whether you have a deep and diverse enough bench, and whether you have the right people to drive the important culture and change initiatives you undertaken. We have techniques that help leaders and teams more realistically evaluate your talent base.

Understanding the risk across your senior leaders and deep into your business is an important aspect of building a company with a great culture. Evaluating your leadership and talent risk allows you to plan for and mitigate it.

  • Our Spectacular Talent Profile™ provides a comprehensive analysis and objective assessment of your leaders and their development, your talent planning practices, your employment brand, identification of your talent development hot spots + flat spots, and your leadership risk assessment.



We’ve created a program that allows your leaders to strengthen your culture and turns your company into the place where your employees are proud to work. Everyone knows by now that culture eats strategy for breakfast, but we also know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of culture that we prescribe for your company. We provide the guidance that allows you to build the culture that suits your needs. Program elements include:

  • Defining your culture brand– defining why it’s right for your company, and what policies, behaviors, and messages are needed to support it,

  • Appreciative inquiry analysis– catching your culture make-or-break moments as they happen,

  • The honest conversation­ learning how to have spectacularly effective and candid conversations (because not having important conversations and feedback gets in the way of a great culture),

  • Identifying culture champions– identifying your culture champions, and one step short of cloning them, determining the plan to grow their effectiveness.

  • Champion management– ideating and ironing out the processes for hiring, feedback + performance reviews, promotion + succession planning,

  • Team meetings + offsites– facilitating memorable meetings that build enviable company cultures. (And we have a No Trust-Fall Guarantee.)



Let’s build your people strategy into your strategy strategy (also known as your business strategy), shall we? We work with companies at all stages of their strategic planning process to incorporate our Talent Planning Checklist. Weaving people planning into business planning is the only way to achieve truly sustainable, great results (unless you run an AI company where the robots have already taken over).



Just as JFK said that “the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining,” the time to plan for the inevitable succession of your leaders is before you need to–and likely much earlier than you want to. We make sure that you do a great job with this critical aspect in ensuring the continuity of your business.

  • Succession Roadmap (including a leadership risk assessment, estimated hard and soft costs of replacing key individuals, pipeline analysis, and assessment of internal candidates),

  • Incorporation of our Talent Planning Checklist to help keep the process focused and on track.


“John and his team brought their succession planning expertise to our company’s succession process. They worked with our board to define the role expectations that were right for our culture and long-term goals. They coached and assessed those being considered for senior leadership roles, and provided trusted guidance at every step of the process.”
Edmond Scanlon, CEO, Kerry Group PLC



Attracting and retaining the best of the best is made infinitely easier when you can let the world know you’re a spectacular place to work. Let’s work together to create a deliberate employment brand and employee experience for your potential candidates and current team members that reflects the culture you’ve thoughtfully defined to help you reach your lofty goals. We lead the evaluation of your company’s people practices + culture and help organize them into a clear and compelling message that allows your company to attract the right people with the right skills for your culture and mission.



Our workshops are based on a deep understanding of human behavior in the workplace and lessons gleaned from work with high-potentials, leadership teams, and more than 50 CEOs from some of the world’s leading and most respected companies.

A sampling of some of these workshops: Building a People Literate Culture, Simple Leadership for Complex Times, Leadership Traps and How to Avoid Them, How to Be an Honest Manager, and The Four Stages of Talent Management which helps companies revolutionize their people planning processes by understanding, just to name a few.

Our annual senior leadership team meeting received rave reviews this year. Jodi’s expert facilitation took our strategic planning up several notches (and her brownies didn’t hurt either!). We actually enjoyed ourselves while setting the stage for an important three-year plan.
— Cliff, CEO (retail organization)

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Would you be a better leader if you really understood what made your people tick? What about understanding what ticks them off, too? Grasping the five components of People Literacy® means not being surprised by how humans act at work. That’s what we’re after—helping leaders understand What’s Really Going on at Work™—so we can do better at this challenging thing called leadership. When we know better, we do better, so let’s build better people systems and processes around what are essentially the building blocks of human nature.

Audiences will walk away with the following:

  • Understanding people’s ‘Universal Prime Directive at Work’, and what to do about it
  • Grasping the five components of People Literacy® (the way people function at work)
  • Conceiving of the strategies and tools that can move the needle in your company’s culture, in light of What’s Going on at Work
  • The first step to integrating an action plan as a more People Literate leader

Typical Audience:

  • Leaders at any level within an organization (executives, director and mid-level leaders, frontline managers and high-potential leaders)

John Philbin delivers What’s Really Going on at Work™ for conferences and leadership retreats.

John Philbin speaking

Our team delivers half or full-day workshops to bring the What’s Really Going on at Work™ keynote alive within companies. We’ve rolled up our sleeves in a practical, applied format with teams of five up to meetings of hundreds in town hall formats.

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