Stop Apologizing For Your Life When You Work From Home

The more we embrace the humanity of our working lives, which also happen to include the soundtrack and goings-on of our home lives, the better we’ll be able to work together.

“I’m so sorry about my dog; I’m working from home today and I just need to [insert muffled bark and panicky human sounds here] lock him up. I really do apologize.”

I found myself in the middle of two heartfelt apologies last week about seemingly wayward dogs. And yet these weren’t unruly, frothing, rabid dogs in the background, distracting us from getting Very Important Business done. Sure, I heard little dog-like sounds — maybe a small woof here and a hint of a whine there. If anything, I wanted to hear more from Buster and Bowser, but their owners sprung into action alarmingly fast and either threw their dogs a bone or threw the dogs themselves somewhere, because the barking curtailed and the business went on as usual…

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